Our Goals

Our goals:

To  inform global and international organizations arround the world about iranian islamic governement sattellite jamming programs and ask those who are responsible  to suppress iranian government to stop harmful sattelite deliberate interference/jamming/.

To call iranian young students and technicians and engineers to propose solutions about satellite  anti-jamming methods and ideas and to summerize these ideas for presenting effective methods and solutions to fight against satellite Jamming sent by the islamic government of iran.

To form a group supporting freedom of media broadcasting  and oppose against sensorship and jamming and to inform and train social community about hazards and dangers of horizontal  satellite  jamming.

we hereby, condemn iranian islamic government for restricting  freedom of information rights and censorship and also support the human right to access the uncensored and unlimited resource of informations in the world.

Satellite Jamming Opposition Campaign ( S J O C )

Freedom for Everyone


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