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freedom is everyone’s right

Satellite jamming is very destructive and harmful and it is against all of international rules and regulations.

The government of Islamic republic of Iran has been using satellite jamming in order to prevent the people inside/outside of iran watching and listening some international satellite TV  and radio channel s like BBC,VOA,Deutsche Welle and etc.

it is amazing that the government of iran has been using its rights and have so many satellite TV and radio channels and is trying to broadcast and promote  its ideologies and some Islamic  and shiite fundamentalist theories.

scietific researches has shown that Satellite jamming waves are really dangerous and has severe effects on human and animal’s body. the most common are severe headaches,fevers and effects on human’s fetus.

It is a global announcement asking worldwide community to suppress Islamic republic of iran to  stop satellite jamming and respect to international communications laws under the authority of the united nations and any onther respective authorized organization.

Satellite Jamming Opposition Campaign

Freedom for everyone


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